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Cornerstone Shabbat Service of Recognition
May 8, 2015

On our May 8 Shabbat service, we honored 20 of our congregants who completed the inaugural year of Larchmont Temple's Cornerstone leadership development program. Cornerstone is named to acknowledge that our volunteers and leaders form the foundation upon which the Temple community rests, supporting our covenantal pillars of Torah (study), Avodah (prayer), and Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness). Larchmont Temple depends on talented, enthusiastic, and dedicated members to fulfill its mission to advance Jewish life and Jewish values for our families and our community. Through our annual Cornerston program, Larchmont Temple hopes to add to the reservoir of potential volunteers and leaders for the future. The 2015 participants were:

Beth Belisle                                    Cliff Katz

Jon Birger                                      Brooke Knight

David Carlos                                  Amy Land

Seth Friedman                                Sara Levin

Halli Gatenio                                   Jen Perkins

Sarah Gillman                                 Andrea Seward

Abi Gotthelf                                    David Shefferman

Amy Gross                                     Randi Spatz

Phyllis Gutterman                           Kevin Wassong

David Israel                                   Nicolas Zerbib