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Larchmont Temple Leadership

To be a leader at Larchmont Temple is to embody a sense of covenantal connection with our community, our clergy and with the Holy One. Whether sitting on the Board of Trustees, serving as a member of one of our many committees or volunteering to help make a special event a success, Larchmont Temple leaders recognize the importance of creating strong and meaningful community connections by partnering with clergy and professional staff. To see the 2017 Annual Report, click here.

Board of Trustees:

Stacey Chervin Sigda, President
Robert Rothman, Executive Vice President
Martha Steinman, 1st V.P.
Jeff Wang, 2nd V.P
Michael Nathan, Financial VP
Harri Taranto, Honorary President
Karen Zimmerman, Treasurer
Steve Lehman, Administrative Secretary
Stacey Creem, Trustee
Michael Fineberg, Trustee
Martha Friedland, Trustee
Yvette Goorevitch, Trustee
Ken Gordon, Trustee
David Kahn, Trustee
Barbara Lewis Kaplan, Trustee
Leah Liecht, Trustee
Michele Metsch, Trustee
Jennifer Perkins, Trustee
Stewart Ross, Trustee
Toby Sklarew, Trustee
Amy Sommer, Trustee
Randi Spatz, Trustee
David Szabo, Trustee

Temple Committees:

Meg Fienberg, Stewart Ross, Ambassador Program
David Kahn, Brotherhood
Carolyn Kamlet, CHESED/Caring Community
Phyllis Jacobs, Martha Friedland, Cultural Arts
Mark Oster, Suzanne Tillman, Leadership Development
Ze’ev Aviezer, Library
Michele Metsch, Nina Daum, Limud Noar - Youth Education
Leah Leicht, Wendy Sayles, LTNS Parent Association
Alyssa Goldberg, Deborah Novick, New Members
Yvette Goorevitch, Ritual Committee
Linda Riefberg, Vicki Ehrlich, Jen Perkins, Social Action