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Friday, April 27-29

Singing Our Way to the Sacred/ Spiritual Tools, Language & Approaches for Our Time…

Cantor Benji Ellen Schiller is among the primary musical inspirations of our Reform movement, and a current visionary at the forefront of evolving Jewish Spirituality. Her gifts are many. Her music is the landscape of our spiritual lives. And as a master-teacher of Cantors, Rabbis & Jewish Educators at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion over the past 30 years, she continues to inspire a new generation, empowering them with the vision to bring spirituality to life…We will see through her spirit, and sing through her song!


Friday Evening…April 27
6:30 PM Pre-Oneg
7:00 PM Shabbat Services, with special guest-leader, Cantor Schiller…
Post-Prayer/Spirituality Debrief: HOW does Prayer Happen?
How does our music speak? How do the words sing? WHEN? WHY does it work?
Saturday afternoon…April 28
4:00 PM Wine & Cheese Havdalah Discovery…and SONG!
Unpacking Spirituality: WHAT are our Spiritual Tools? HOW might we use them in our lives?
Sunday morning…April 29
10:00 AM Congregational Brotherhood Breakfast… Bagels and…
Spirituality for Our Time: 5 Places/Life-Spaces of Spiritual Awareness…
Singing our Way to the Sacred

How does Jewish tradition define a life of sacred awareness? How might we bring this awareness toward our daily lives? Through study, song and story we will explore five rabbinic paradigms of mindful living.