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Important Policies and Information for Families


Office Hours and Contact Information

The Religious School staff can be reached through the synagogue office at 914-834-6120. The synagogue is open from 9 am – 5:30 pm Mondays – Thursdays and 9 am – 4 pm on Fridays. The phone will also be answered on Sunday mornings when Religious School is in session.


The Religious School will communicate with you through a newsletter and through direct email which will keep you updated about special events, information and opportunities for your family. Please make sure that the office has your correct email on file. If you are not receiving the emails through Constant Contact, please contact Mia Shapiro at MShapiro@larchmonttemple.org who can help you re-subscribe to the list.

K-3 Families will receive a weekly update either as a Torah Take Out, weekly email or a text message.

School Closings and Emergency Procedures

Inclement Weather

Monday – Thursday Afternoons

Larchmont Temple follows the Mamaroneck School District. Therefore:


  • If public school is cancelled due to inclement weather, Religious School is cancelled
  • If public school enacts an early dismissal due to inclement weather, Religious School is cancelled
  • If public school enacts a late start due to inclement weather, Religious School will be open depending upon later weather conditions
  • If public school operates on a regular schedule despite inclement weather, Religious School may still be cancelled depending on later weather conditions

You will be informed of a Religious School closing through our OneCall email and text messaging system (assuming there is power to do so). We will also do our best to update the Temple’s website.

Sunday Morning Program Closures 

Sunday closings are determined based on prevailing weather conditions by 8am on a given Sunday. You will be informed of a Religious School closing through our OneCall email and text messaging system (assuming there is power to do so). We will also do our best to update the Temple’s website.

Other Closing Circumstances

In the unlikely event of closing due to an unforeseen circumstance (i.e. medical emergency, a building emergency) the decision will be made by the Director of Education Youth and Families and the Executive Director of the Temple.


Arrival, Dismissal and Parking

The safety of our children is of primary importance.

On Sundays, please walk with your child into the building and drop him or her off at your child’s classroom. K-3 dismissal will take place at your child’s classroom unless otherwise noted and Grades 4 – 6 will take place from the Sanctuary.

On weekdays, only children who have been given permission by you may arrive without a parent or caregiver. If your child walks to Religious School, please arrange for your child to walk with others to the Temple. If you or a caregiver will be dropping off your child, please wait to see that they have safely entered the building at the Willow Avenue entrance. For dismissal, only children who have been given permission to leave on their own may do so. For those parents and caregivers who do pick-up, it is preferable for you to park and enter the building. A member of the security staff will be outside to make sure that children arrive safely to your car.

Please make sure to have your child finish any snacks before entering the Temple building as we are a nut allergy aware environment.

If you or your caregiver need to pick up your child early, you must first come to the security desk at the Temple to sign your child out.

Please do not double-park outside the Temple. It is not safe for our children. Please also note that Willow Avenue is a two-way street.

A successful and positive experience is based upon regular attendance at our program. Please be in touch with Rabbi Rudin if there issues regarding your child’s regular attendance at the Religious School.

Health and Safety

Medical Issues

Please make sure that we have up to date medical and emergency information for your child. If our child is ill, please do not send him/her to Religious School. We also ask that your child stay home if he/she has had a fever, bouts of diarrhea or vomiting for less than 24 hours.

If your child is not feeling well during Religious School, we will make every effort to contact you, your caregiver or emergency contact. No teacher or staff member is allowed to dispense medication of any kind.

Food Allergies

Larchmont Temple Religious School strives to be a nut-aware community. Please remember that there are members of the community with nut allergies. We therefore ask that you and your children refrain from bringing in food with nut ingredients; those having snacks with nuts in them will be asked to finish their snack outside the building before entering and will be asked to wash their hands. Food ordered for Religious School events will not contain nut ingredients and there will usually be an email to you with ingredient/vendor information. Please note that the temple office and other events at the synagogue may have food that contain nuts present. If your child has a food allergy, please make sure to be in touch with Rabbi Rudin to review the allergy and emergency protocols –especially if your child has an epi-pen.

Fire and Lockdown Drills

Fire drills will occur at the beginning and in the middle of the year and basic lockdown procedures will be explained to our learners on the opening day. In the event that we must evacuate the building, Larchmont Temple learners will be brought to The French American School. Teachers will bring class lists with emergency contact information with them to all drills and an evacuation. If possible, we will contact you through our OneCallNow text messaging and email system.

Kehilah Kedosha: A Respectful Community

Please note that when your learner is at Religious School, he or she will be attending tefillah (worship) in the sanctuary and should dress respectfully.

Cell Phones

Learners are not permitted to use cell phones during the Religious School program and in the upper grades, cell phone may be collected at the beginning of a class or program in order to focus our learners. In case of an emergency, please call the Temple office at 914-834-6120 and we can communicate a message to your child.

Bringing One’s Full Self to the Temple

Judaism is a way of life. We seek to inspire you and your children with the passion and knowledge to engage in Jewish life. To ensure that our limited time together makes the greatest impact, we ask that your children bring their full and best selves to the Temple.