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LT Art Exhibits

Pathways of Torah in Larchmont Temple: An Exhibit of Paintings and Poems  In the Image of…Genesis - In the Beginning…

Saturday, April 20 - 30 (Reception: April 27, 6 PM), Social Hall

Lisa Turtz is a psychiatrist and an award-winning painter. Having for many years attended Torah discussions with Rabbi Sirkman, her paintings of Torah stories have special meaning for her, a beshert coming together of worlds: Painting, Chevre and Hebrew. For Michael Fineberg, who has collaborated as a poet and translator with many painters over the years, Torah study has also become a frequent inspiration and led him to start grappling with ancient Hebrew, together with others, notably Lisa. Fertile ground for art and poetry…

Books for Sale $36.00

All proceeds will be donated to Larchmont Temple to be used as funding for the arts. Additional donations in excess of $36.00 are most welcome. (Any book payments or donations over $15 are tax deductible)


4th Annual Temple Members Art Show

Saturday, May 4 - 24 (Reception: May 4, 6:00 PM), Social Hall

The show's committee is currently soliciting the participation of LT members who would like to exhibit their work. Both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works will be accepted. Contact Ze'ev at Library@ larchmonttemple.org for registration form.