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Library News From Ze'ev Aviezer

There are many new books that have arrived in the Library waiting for you to check out and enjoy. 

Please click on the following link to see a list of our acquisitions:

Larchmont Temple Library Online Catalogue

Jane Axelrod, one of our volunteer librarians, created a special section featuring books that reflect the Temple’s annual theme the Mussar Movement, whose goal is the education of Jews toward ethical behavior. Below are some of the books you will find on the shelves:

Judaic Ethics for a Lawless World by Robert Gordis- illustrates how basic principles of Jewish ethics can help Modern Man transform the world for good.

Judaism Human Rights and Human Values by Lenn E. Goodman- an incisive contemporary dialogue between reason and revelation, argues for ethical standards and public policies that respect human rights and support the preservation of all beings. Areas addressed include the fetus in the womb, the modern nation state, the problems of pornography and tobacco advertising, rights of parents, children, individuals and communities, the powerful and powerless--the most ancient and the most immediate problems of human life and moral responsibility.

A Code of Jewish Ethics by Joseph Telushkin - Telushkin, a previous Scholar-In-Residence at Larchmont Temple compiled voluminous material in order to help Jews "become more honest, decent, and just people." The primary emphasis of this volume is character development. It is divided into five sections: the task of a lifetime; basic vices and virtues; fair speech; leading a holy life; God and ethics. Basic vices and virtues take up 257 pages, by far the longest section. Here and in the section on fair speech, there are especially stimulating discussions of when hatred and lying are permissible.

New library books

A New Voice For Israel by Jeremy Ben-Ami
Many Americans who care about Israel's future are questioning whether the hardline, uncritical stances adopted by many traditional pro-Israel advocates really serve the country's best interests over the long-term. Jeremy Ben-Ami, founder of J Street, the new pro-Israel, pro-peace political movement, punctures many of the myths that have long guided our understanding of the politics of the American Jewish community and have been fundamental to how pro-Israel advocates have pursued their work including: -- that leaders of established Jewish organizations speak for all Jewish Americans when it comes to Israel -- that being pro-Israel means you cannot support creation of a Palestinian state -- that American Jews vote for candidates based largely on their support of Israel -- that talking peace with your enemies demonstrates weakness -- that allying with neoconservatives and evangelical Christians is good for Israel and good for the Jewish community. Ben-Ami, whose grandparents were first-generation Zionists and founders of Tel Aviv, tells his story.

The Last Flight of Poxl West by Daniel Torday
An Amazon Best Book of the Month. The Last Flight of Poxl West is a memoir within a memoir within a novel. In other words, it tells the fictional story of a late 20th century teenage boy, Elijah Goldstein, who recounts the story of his uncle, Poxl West, who wrote a memoir about his years as an RAF pilot during WWII. (Pox’s manuscript makes up half the book.) The way I said that, it sounds confusing. The way Torday wrote it, it’s perfectly clear: this is a story about a boy who loves his uncle who has for fifty years portrayed himself as a war hero, has in fact gotten famous for being a war hero (and writing about it) and who may or may not have been all the things he (and the boy) thought he was. It’s like two coming-of-age stories in one, in other words, and a wise and generous meditation on memory and aspiration and truth.

The Library at Larchmont Temple

Our Library endeavors to maintain a diverse, vibrant circulating collection that reflects the core values of Larchmont Temple. We acquire books that support our Congregation’s annual learning themes including works of the Scholar-in-Residence. Our collection also includes current fiction, non-fiction, DVDs and periodicals for adults, young adults and children plus scholarly volumes that focus on the study of Torah. Our responsibilities include maintaining the physical collection and preparing thematic displays in the library. Our monthly column in the Temple News keeps the Temple community aware of what is new in the Library. We welcome volunteers who would like to join us in maintaining the Library.

To get involved or for more information contact: library@larchmonttemple.org