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Religious School

Larchmont Temple Religious School is a warm and nurturing community. We create an engaging, nourishing and experiential program that enables our K-12 learners and their families to experience the joy of Jewish living and connection to our vibrant Larchmont Temple community. LTRS provides inclusive, interactive, and transformative learning where we live Judaism through TORAH, AVODAH, AND GEMILUT CHASADIM.
  •       LTRS believes that Torah is the foundation of the Jewish people as it informs our modern lives.
  •       LTRS believes that meaningful Jewish prayer experiences enable reflection, creative spiritual expression, and a mindful relationship with oneself, one’s community, and God. 
  •       LTRS believes that each member of our community has a responsibility to each other and the world around us.  Through understanding, compassion, and mitzvot, we contribute to tikkun olam: the repairing of the world. 
Learning in partnership with one another, we aspire to connect everyone at Larchmont Temple through our shared and sacred covenant. 
Torah learning takes place at every age. Kindergarten learners will start their Torah journey by learning Shabbat, Jewish holiday and “Being a Mentsch” (a person of honor) stories. Grades 1 and 2 study the Book of Genesis and Grade 3 continues this foundation with stories from the Books of Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. In Grades 4, learners will engage in Torah text interpretation skills by spending a few minutes learning the Torah portion of the week and exploring commentaries (creative stories that fill in the blanks). Our Grade 5 learners learn Jewish History and about Israel, and our Grade 6 learners will focus on learning and living out Jewish values. Our Grade 7 learners take a special “Doin’ Drash” class with Rabbi Sirkman as a first step toward teaching Torah as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Avodah: Jewish Holidays
Our Kindergarten and Grade 1 learners will experience a taste of the Jewish holidays through learning the holiday stories, experiencing holiday rituals and making ritual items for use in your home. As learners become older, they will learn more of the values associated with each holiday and learn more of the rituals and blessings for each holiday. We encourage you to always come to our holiday family services, programs and celebrations.

Avodah: Shabbat
Our goal is for our learners to grow up being comfortable in the Shabbat synagogue setting; this means that they will understand and connect with the basic Friday evening and Saturday morning services as well as be able to participate in key Jewish holiday events. Our younger learners will experience the Shabbat blessings in their class, make ritual items for your home and families will be invited to several family-friendly Shabbat experiences during the year. As learners become older, they will become more familiar with the Friday night, Shabbat morning and Havdalah services.

Avodah: Tefillah (Worship) and Singing
Every week, our learners will participate in group singing and Tefillah with Larchmont Temple’s songleader, Adam Tanenbaum, and members of our Clergy and Educational Staff. Services are designed to both inspire and meet the spiritual needs of our young people as well as prepare them to be lifelong members of the Jewish community. Parents are invited to join us for Tefillah anytime!

Larchmont Temple is excited to use the groundbreaking Hebrew Through Movement program. Hebrew Through Movement is an experiential, positive and engaging way of learning Hebrew based upon the natural progression of learning language (hearing, response, visual cues etc.). The program begins with a modern vocabulary and transitions into synagogue, holiday and prayer language. Our Kindergarten through Grade 5 learners will experience 10-15 minute Hebrew Through Movement sessions and attend Tefillah and Music once a week. When learners reach Grade 4, they will be ready to engage in decoding/reading. For more information about this successful program, please visit their website.

Gemilut Hasadim
Learners and families of all ages have an opportunity to make our world a better place. The following are just some of the projects that will take place over the year:
     Kindergarten: Bring in a holiday gift to donate to other children
     Book Drive
     Grade 1: Monthly Food Collection and Sorting
     Grade 2: Children’s Clothing Drive and Sorting
     Grade 3: Collection of Midnight Run Items
     Grade 4: LTRS Macaroon Donation Coordination; Galilee Circus Hoops- and        Hop -a-Thon
     Grade 5: Visits to Coachman Center
     Grade 6: Visits to Pleasantville Cottages; Coordination of Schoolwide Vote          for Tzedakah Money

Community Building
Learners have an opportunity to make friends, social connections and learn how to be empathetic while at the Temple. Each day starts with a short LT Connects check-in activity.

Family Programs
     Kindergarten: Family Shabbat and Holiday Programs
                          Book Drive Sorting
                          Optional Parent Learning
     Grade 1: Family Shabbat and Holiday Programs
                   Food Sorting
                   Optional Parent Learning
     Grade 2: Family Shabbat and Holiday Programs
                   Children’s Clothing Coordination and Sorting on Mitzvah Day
                   Optional Parent Learning
     Grade 3: Family Shabbat and Holiday Programs
                   Midnight Run Sorting
                   Optional Parent Learning
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