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Shabbat at Home

More than the Jewish people have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jewish people.

–Ahad Ha-Am

Shabbat is our time to gather with family and friends, reflect on the past week and rejoice in the gifts we possess with food and wine, blessing and song. The opportunities to recite blessings before we eat and drink are meant to heighten our awareness of God’s creation, of the specialness of the moment and the unique quality of the people we are with. As Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel explained, “It is not a different state of consciousness but a different climate; it is as if the appearance of all things somehow changed. The primary awareness is one of our being within Shabbat rather than of the Shabbat being within us.”

Use the prayers for candles, wine and challah, offer blessings for your children, spouses, partners and other loved ones and take time to reflect on the highlights of your week. These are the essential ingredients for making Shabbat special in your home in your own way.


Shabbat at Home (PDF)

Shabbat Candle Blessing (mp3)

Kiddush (mp3)

Motzi (mp3)

Bim Bam (mp3)

Hinei Mah Tov (mp3)