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Shabbat & Holidays


Shabbat Experiences at the Nursery School consist of several different opportunities for our students to learn and explore. Every Friday, our 2s, 3s, and 4s join together by age level in the Sanctuary to have Shabbat Sing-Along with Ben, our Music and T’filah Coordinator, and an interactive Shabbat Story with Larchmont Temple clergy or LTNS director. During this time we celebrate together by learning Hebrew and English Shabbat songs and practicing the blessings that are said over the candles, wine and challah. Puppets, felt boards and lots of student interaction abound!


As with all that we do at the nursery school, holiday time is developmentally appropriate and is meant to expose the children to holiday experiences and rituals in a holistic, child-centered fashion.

We celebrate and experience the major Jewish holidays in a variety of ways. Many holidays are incorporated into the daily fabric of classroom living through projects, discussions, baking and celebrations. In September, for instance we talk about beginnings and the start of the Jewish year. Apples and honey are staples in the classrooms as we learn about the holiday of Rosh Hashana and discuss its meaning.

Tu B’Shevat is a time at school when we celebrate the rebirth of nature and the birthday of the trees by recycling paper, making recycled paper art projects and flower pots, and get ready to plant seedlings for our garden.

There are times through out the school year when families are invited into our school space to join us in our celebrations as well.

In addition to Young Family Services for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in our congregation’s Tent of Meeting, we share in Sukkot family services led by Rabbi Miller and Ben on Sukkot morning in the Sanctuary. Our holiday celebration includes singing, stories, and an experiential component where the children have the opportunity create decorations, wave the lulav and etrog and have snack as a community in the Sukkah.

Hanukah at school is celebrated with latkes, donuts, and a wonderful Hanukah story told by our Senior Rabbi to all of the children at the nursery school. Each student in our 3s and 4s will create a menorah to take home and use over the course of the 8 days and nights of the Festival of Lights.

All our children love to come in costume to march in our school-wide Purim parade. The children make groggers, wear costumes, and exchange Mishloach Manot. Our parade culminates in the Temple’s Garden Room, where we tell the story of Purim interactively and then together, participate in a sing-along and share hamentaschen. (Families are invited back to Temple the Sunday after Purim for a carnival and special Purim play and sing-along with the greater Larchmont Temple Community.)

Passover is a particularly special time at LTNS. Each class takes tremendous pride in preparing for the holiday by making ritual items, decorating his/her Haggadah and getting their classroom ready for their class celebration. Our 3s and 4s each invite a special grown-up to join in their classroom Seder, a child-friendly experience where we learn about the story of Passover, the rituals involved in the seder, and have the opportunity to experience a ‘mini-seder’ prior to the actual holiday. It is truly a highlight of the Spring.