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Praying With Us

Reb Chaim of Tsanz used to tell the tale of a man who was wandering in the forest, lost and alone for several days. Finally, upon encountering another, he cried out, “My brother, my friend, show me the way out!” But the man in turn replied, “I can only tell you this. The ways I have tried lead me nowhere; they’ve led me astray. But take my hand, and we’ll look for the way together.” And so searching for the road home, knowing they could not get there alone, yet strengthened by their meeting, they set out on their way again.

And so we invite you in, to join us in prayer, finding your own balance between the fixed words of the siddur and the personal prayers of your heart. Sharing together in Shabbat celebrations, holiday observances and life cycle events, we create a community full of spirit, song and support together.