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LT Connects-Sign-Up Opens Sunday,10/14,9 AM

LT Connects Small Groups of Meaning are peer-led groups, whose participants come together around a shared interest on a regular basis with the understanding that Jewish tradition and deep personal relationships add meaning to our lives.

Small groups explore the intersection where Jewish wisdom meets our daily lives, core interests, and present concerns. Larchmont Temple is growing bigger by thinking smaller.

Check out the small groups that started last Fall at our special website here.

Read an article about the small groups approach here.

Each Small Group will:
• Include 8-14 individuals
• Form around a shared interest
• Meet 6-8 times over the year [creating its own schedule], and then can choose to conclude or continue
• Be facilitated by two peers and supported by Rabbi Miller

Small Groups are doing just what we hoped - strengthening our connections to each other, to Judaism, and to Larchmont Temple. Here's what some of our participants shared in response to the question: “What did you like most about your small group experience?”

“Being in a small group has definitely made me feel more connected to LT. Getting to know some people with similar interests has solidified the sense that this is a place where we belong.” -- Barbara Brody

"I wasn't sure about joining a group, so I went to just one meeting with my wife Ellen to see what it would be like. The group leader was so warm and so inviting to all of us! I only knew one person in the group but found all of the attendees interesting, caring people. I am really glad I went to that first meeting!" -- Marshall Cohen

“Leading a small group has been wonderful, not only because it has given me an opportunity to explore an interesting topic, but also because it provided me with a connection to a new group of people in a meaningful and purposeful way. It has opened my mind and my heart and ultimately brought me back to the temple as a source for growth, exploration and community.” -- Stacey Creem

“There were a few things that made our small group so successful: the intimacy of sitting around members’ houses getting to know each other while tasting wine and cheese was the perfect backdrop. Also having only 10-12 members per meeting meant everyone participated every meeting. Lastly, the group represented a diverse cross-section (age, married, single, etc.) of the LT congregation.”
-- Greg Joseph & Howard Mansell

Talk to a friend or two about joining one together!

For more information, please contact Rabbi Bethie Miller at bmiller@larchmonttemple.org