Adult Engagement/Adult Learning

2024 - A year-long celebration of Rabbi Sirkman's 36th year as our Rabbi and LT's 75th anniversary


Paving Our Path to Tomorrow

“Abram’s call, both the one he hears and the one he leaves to us, contains a promise—God’s promise: to empower us with energy and vision. But more, it is also our promise to one another, that our journeys will be connected to the well-being of the entire earth. This promise inspires our desire to dedicate ourselves to the highest possible service to our fellow human beings…and to God. Such a vision is central…for it proposes a unique enterprise—a covenant community that binds the generations in a shared endeavor…a bond forged through the dream, remembered in every generation.  For each generation is re-called by God to the journey…as every generation must dream anew.”--Prof Peter Pitzele

Rabbi Jeffrey J. Sirkman

Current Adult Classes

Chevrah Torah

Saturday Mornings Our Chevrah Torah is a transformational hour when the text comes to life through a round-the-table-sharing of the weekly portion’s key question [KOSHI] and the commentaries of the ages. It’s a time when congregants gather together to explore and gain insight from our sacred texts, and from one another.

Customarily led by Rabbi Jeffrey Sirkman, along with the many teachers who join us weekly, the best way to become part of the conversation, and discover the sacred wisdom that only Torah can bring, is to take a seat around our table!

,Paving Our Path to Tomorrow ... TO A LAND THAT I WILL SHOW YOU.

4 Explorations through the eyes of our movement’s leaders/teachers as to where we are today, where we might be heading & who we must become…tomorrow.

LT/REFORM 2025: Meeting Our Movement’s Challenges Today
Thurs, Nov 2, 2023
Dessert Dialogue
HOW is Reform meeting the needs of the moment? Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President, URJ.

LT/REFORM 2035: Creating Purposeful Jewish Community Tomorrow
Sun, Jan 21, 2024
LT Brotherhood Breakfast
WHAT must change so we might grow into the movement/Jews we must become? Rabbi Larry Hoffman.

LT/REFORM 2045: Reimagining JEWISH Life for a New Generation,
Date TBD
WHERE is the path to tomorrow leading? HOW can we help pave it? Panel of rabbis led by Rabbi Nicole Auerbach.

REFORM 2055: Judaism in a Digital Age
Sat, Mar 23 & Sun, Mar 24
LT Scholar-in-Residence
HOW will the new age changes inform the Judaism we create? QUESTIONS of Covenant. Rabbi Danny Schiff, UJS of Greater Pittsburgh

  • -- A. Bartlett Giamatti, “Baseball as Narrative,”  University of Michigan Law School, 1989
    "H-O-M-E…Is a concept, not a place; it is a state of mind where self-definition starts.  It is origins…wherein one first realizes s/he is an original, perhaps like others, especially those one loves, but distinct…HOME is where we first learn to be separate, ourselves, and it remains the place where reunion, if it ever were to occur, would happen…HOME is about restoration of the right relations---and going HOME is where that restoration occurs because that is where it matters most… To attempt to go HOME is to go the long way around, to stray in the hopes of finding completeness…in reintegration with those left behind…To truly go HOME may be impossible, but it is a driving necessity, our compelling dream."  
    -- A. Bartlett Giamatti, “Baseball as Narrative,” University of Michigan Law School, 1989