KESHER Registration

In order to register for our KESHER Educational Programs, your family must be a member of Larchmont Temple. 
For membership information, click here.

In addition to a special Kindergarten rate, we are pleased to offer an early-bird registration rate through July 9, 2021 and new members will be given the early-bird rate. In order to submit this enrollment form, you will be asked to pay half of your child's yearly tuition. Our preferred payment is through ShulCloud by electronic payment, e-check or credit card. E-checks do not have a fee, credit cards carry a convenience fee. The remaining balance is due by Wednesday September 1, 2021. You may set up recurring payments in ShulCloud if you wish to pay the balance over a period of several months. For any other financial arrangements, please email Jane Sable-Friedman, our Executive Director, to set up a confidential conversation at

If you have more than one child, we strongly encourage you to enroll all children at the same time. If you can't complete a single enrollment or all of them in one sitting, make sure to hit the "save for later" button at the bottom of the enrollment form to save any data before logging out. This will allow you to save your data and return to complete enrollment at a later time.

Below are our 2021-22 fees.
Please Note, fees for the upcoming year will be published here June 1.

(for Temple Members)
Early Bird Ends June 30 Regular
 Kindergarten Weekly Camp LT $360 $360
Grades 1-3 Weekly Camp LT $1,035 $1,105
Grades 4 & 5 Weekly LT Explores  $1,385 $1,485
Grades 3 - 5 Family Discovery $1,385 $1,485
Grade 6 LT Explores or Family Discovery $1,560 $1,660
LTeen Connects: Grade 7 $1,420 $1,520
LTeen Connects: Grade 8 & 9 $0 $0
LTeen Connects: Grade 10 Confirmation $1,450 $1,550
LTeen Connects: Grades 11 & 12 Diner Dialogues and Packing for College Programs $180 $180


How Do I Find & Complete the Online Enrollment?

Go to your member login link at the top right corner of this screen. Once logged in, click on "My Account" on our bottom navigation menu. You'll see a page of icons appear and you will want to click on the one that says "My Enrollments" in the lower left hand corner. On the next page, click on "KESHER -  Enroll Now." Choose the child/ren you wish to enroll and their grade(s). Next, you'll be taken to a screen to complete our enrollment questions. Once you hit the submit button, you should get an email confirmation. We're looking forward to an enriching year!