To be a leader at Larchmont Temple is to embody a sense of covenantal connection with our community, our clergy and with the Holy One. Whether sitting on the Board of Trustees, serving as a member of one of our many committees or volunteering to help make a special event a success, Larchmont Temple leaders recognize the importance of creating strong and meaningful community connections by partnering with clergy and professional staff.


Board of Trustees:

President – Michael Nathan
Executive VP – Steve Lehman
1st VP – Karen Zimmerman
2nd VP – Martha Steinman
Financial VP – Jeff Wang
Secretary – Yvette Goorevitch
Treasurer – David Kahn
Honorary President – Stacey Chervin Sigda
Trustee - Beth Belisle
Trustee - John Borden
Trustee - Seth Bronheim
Trustee – Jim Cowen
Trustee - Jordanna Davis
Trustee - Martha Friedland
Trustee - Sarah Gillman
Trustee - Phillip Honstein
Trustee - Stewart Ross
Trustee - Jill Sarkozi
Trustee - Carol Scheffler
Trustee - Ben Zoffness
Brotherhood - Larry Gutterman
Limud Noar - Katie Schein & Johanna Snyder
LTNS Parent Association - Ilana Bronheim and Elizabeth Bossin

Temple Committee Leaders:

Brotherhood - Adam Deutsch
CHESED/Caring Community - Carolyn Kamlet, Juli Karson
Cultural Arts - Martha Friedland
Leadership Development, Cornerstone - Mark Oster
Legacy - Harri Taranto, John Borden
Library - Ze’ev Aviezer
Limud Noar, Youth Education, Katie Schein, Johanna Snyder
LTNS Parent Association - Ilana Bronheim and Elizabeth Bossin
Membership - Deborah Novick and Alyssa Goldberg
Ritual Committee - Yvette Goorevitch
Social Action - Vicki Ehrlich, Sari Winter, Linda Riefberg
Social Justice Initiative - Jennifer Mitchell, Lisa Kaufmann
Sustainability Committee - Paul Katzenstein, Marlene Kolbert