Covenant of Membership

Larchmont Temple Membership is built upon mutual expectations and responsibility. It is a relationship that endures only as long as its members make it real. Study...should be a part of each member's life every step of the way. Worship...each member can fulfill a personal spiritual need. Collectively, we can create the community wherein we find comfort and help in our search for God. Ethics and Social Justice...each member should strive to live by the ethics of Torah, practicing social justice each day, caring for our own, reaching out to others.

Join Larchmont Temple

Larchmont Temple is a warm, out-reaching, inter-connected congregational family; a place where every member’s story matters—every person counts…

Our hope is that in joining our temple you will not only connect to experiences and encounters that inform and inspire, but that you will discover a Temple-community that feels like “home.”

To join, please download and submit the membership registration.

Once the form is downloaded, if you have the most up-to-date Adobe software, you will be able to fill in the form and press the submit button at the end. If you press the submit button and don't see your email pop up, this means that you have not sent it to us. If that happens, simply save the form and attach it in an email to our Executive Director, Jane Sable-Friedman at

If you are interested in enrolling your child/ren in Kesher, Larchmont Temple's Education Programs for K-12, please call Rabbi Rudin at 914-834-6120.

Thank you, in advance, for the unique presence and gifts you will bring to our community.